Roof Cleaning Suffolk

Your roof protects the whole of a your house and it is important that your  Suffolk  roof is regularly cleaned and our team of Suffolk roof cleaners areRead More

Moss removal from tiled roofs

The simplest and often the cheapest way  of moss removal from tiled roofs is for  roofing company such as Kleen Slate to physically scrape the moss off.Read More

Removing moss from roof tiles

Removing moss from roof tiles and Killing Roof Moss Manual Removal : For severe moss Kleen Slate gain access to the roof to remove moss manually using a shortRead More

Roof tile painting

Climate Cooler This leading product is manufactured by ISOPAINT of Denmark  who have  a 30 year pedigree of producing specialist ROOF COATINGS sold  throughout Europe. ISOPAINT are  atRead More

Flat roof sealant

Sooner or later conventional flat roof felts will leak, resulting in domestic or commercial flat roof owners experiencing damage to their timber, ceilings, walls and décor.Read More

Roof coating UK

Most older roofs look neglected from years of weathering and moss growth. However, you’ll be pleased to know that all your roof may need is someRead More

Roof Paint

Our roof coating and protecting product  is a special insulating roof coating based on technology from the space industry where thermo-stabilizing binding agents with high adhesiveRead More