Improve your roof and the environment choose a Climate Cooler™ roof coating system

Climate Cooler™ is designed to insulate your roof in colder climates, with the roof coating system offering a third effective properties when tested and compared to Rockwool insulation. Climate Cooler™ is unrivalled in the domestic roof coating industry today.

For home – Climate Cooler™ Uni can be installed onto conventional concrete or clay roof tiles for home or for business with a choice of 8no. colours. A white primer is applied in one coat followed by an application of two top coats offering unrivalled roof protection and performance.

For bituminous flatroof or metal – Climate Cooler™ Flex can be installed onto bituminous flat roofs, metal roofs or cladding suitable for business, industry and public properties such as schools or council premises. Flex primer is applied followed by application of Flex top coat.

Benefits of Roof Protection

Climate Cooler™ is flexible and easy to apply on most dry roof surfaces and is UV stablised, self cleaning and water repellant. Climate Cooler™ has built in heat and sun reflecting pigments whilst being open for diffusion.

Climate Cooler™ is a “cool-paint” induced with technology that improves the surface of the roof material with the ability to reflect up to 70% of the sun rays, at the same time it significantly improves roof quality, durability and functionality.

Climate Cooler™has scientific proven efficiency. As such can contribute to an improved climate. As an added benefit, the building owner can achieve financial savings because the roof surface and design last longer as a result of reduced heat stress. The cost of cooling the building can be signficantly reduced and achieves a better indoor environment for customers, workers or residents.

By using Climate Cooler™ on an average european roof the heat absorption on the roof surface could be reduced from 60 degrees C to 40 degrees C. The inside temperature of close ceiling rooms can be reduced up to 10-15 degrees C giving a substantial improvement of the indoor climate.

A saving of electricity for cooling/ventilation of the building on upto 5000kWh equivalent to 2.7 tonnes of CO2 which can be converted in European average to driving 20,000 km less in a car.

The U.S. Secretary of Energy and Nobel lauraute Steven Chu has said that an improvement in buildings solar reflection will be a big step in the fight against global warming