Roof Cleaners Bedfordshire, Roof Repairs Bedfordshire

Your home is an expensive purchase, so it is important that you protect and maintain the roof that protects you. We are receiving an increasing volume of enquiries from homeowners in Bedfordshire, who are looking to have their roof cleaned and sealed or coated by a reliable and professional company to conserve their roof and restore it to its full potential.

All of our roof installation teams, who are fully trained and fully insured, will clean, repair and seal or coat roofs in several areas throughout Bedfordshire including Bedford, Elstow,Wootten Shambrook and all surrounding towns. Most people like the reassurance of the job being carried out by a professional.      

Initially, The roof will  be power cleaned using our powerful cleaning equipment; invested in for their reliable performance and the excellent results they achieve.

Once fully cleaned and rinsed the roof will be treated using our specialised Anticide , to eradicate the years of contamination that has built up, such as moss, algae and lichen.  At this stage, we will focus on any roof repairs that need attention, re-point if necessary and replace any loose or damaged tiles. To complete the operation, we would recommend a clear water repellent coating or a thermal coloured roof coating is then applied. The Kleen-Slate quality roof coatings that are used are 100% acrylic, allowing the tiles to flex with the cold and the heat, essential for the correct functioning of the roof tiles, carrying 8 European certificates as well as 2 UK iso certifictes and backed by the European Flower mark of approval

Kleen-Slate roof coatings provide a lasting barrier to contaminants and is available in various shades that will totally transform any roof in. Bedfordshire

We are confident of the quality and durability of the products we use and the skilled and proficient service that we can provide you.